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Mr. Restore is a great company; they had worked closely with us and the insurance carrier to bring our property back our property to its condition, if not improved it. They work quickly to have your repairs completed to minimize the interruption to your daily routine, whether that’s your home or business. Thank you for being there when needed!
Ashley. A

We had a fire at one of our units and Mr. Restore was hired to to the job.  I found them to be very dependable and very effective in their work.  Their staff was very nice and professional and Janice was very hands on with the job.  The work was reliable and done well.
Cassandra Green

I have worked for Mr. Restore Services for the last three years, coming from a previous restoration company where I worked for five years.  Mr. Restore works diligently with the property owner and insurance carrier to get them back to pre-loss condition as quickly as possible.  The owner is very hands on and is here everyday overseeing the jobs and available for questions from the staff.  Mike’s vast knowledge in the construction and restoration field is priceless and means a lot to his staff.  We have a good reputation with the insurance carriers and are on many of the preferred carrier programs.

Mr Restore is a trustworthy company. They are considerate and understanding when disasters happens. Their team takes you through the process to get your home or business back to its pre-loss condition. I would refer them again.
Anthony Castillo

To Whom it may concern,
I am writing this letter to share my opinion and positive experiences with Kurt Ploszay and the Mr. Restore company with you. As life deals us occasional issues and trials, they are not enjoyable, peaceful, and inevitably are not easy to understand, but Kurt and his coworkers have repeatedly shown up, taken care of the problem, the people, and restored peace of mind. Now with that said, there are of course occasions that do not go smooth or become more complicated as they go, and I can attest that every time I have worked with them they have shown top notch class and care for their customers. Truly, there is no other company I would rather work with, than them. They are a rare find in today’s world that has the tendency of losing sight of people, they take care of their clients and see problems thru to the end. They go above and beyond, when others stop at good enough. Communication is key in this type of work and they are tops again with that. I have dealt with various different crews and they always impress and represent Kurt and company very well. If you are faced with a problem they could help with, do not hesitate to contact Kurt, he will not disappoint.
K. Harwick

Good day, Mr. Restore!

I am Lira L., the daughter of Charles and Juanita L, recent clients of Mr. Restore, Inc.

I am writing on their behalf as well as my own. Words cannot express our gratitude for the services provided. Kurt and his team are exceptional workers and more importantly, good people. Kurt and staff went beyond our expectations, exceedingly so. They did what they were hired to do and what they felt compelled to do at no additional charge! A client could not ask for anything more, we could not ask for anything more.

I would like to provide some context, my parents are elderly, and I no longer live in the area, so I travel often to support them. My mom was hospitalized for a period during the renovation. My dad was between caring for his mother, my 92-year-old grandmother, and the hospital. The crew packed everything up in the kitchen, including the dishes, my dad didn’t have to do a thing! Another random act of kindness, one of the guys fixed my parent’s doorbell. The doorbell hasn’t worked in over five years. My dad didn’t ask him to, he saw the need and just did it. Another random act of kindness, one of the guys painted my parent’s kitchen. In a casual conversation, I shared with Kurt that I didn’t like the current color and mentioned that perhaps my dad and I would re-paint it once I came home to assist them with moving back home. I shared the same thing with my dad and he agreed we’d take care of it when I returned. A few days later, my dad got a phone call indicating that one of the guys had extra paint and that when available, he would like to get in the house to paint the kitchen. I didn’t ask anyone to paint the kitchen. My dad stated that he didn’t ask anyone either! This act was another blessing for my parents and me. Again, who could ask for anything more? Kurt and crew were even willing to assist with moving heavy the furniture; again, they saw the need and was willing to help.

Kurt, thank you for your kindness, professionalism, and exceptional work. My parents were totally comfortable with you and your respectable men and women. You made them feel comfortable during a time of chaos and instability. Your patience with them meant the world to me. I knew they were in great hands from our initial conversation when you led with reminding me of how great of a man my father was, and you thanked him for his service. You left a lasting impression from that day moving forward. I thank you.

Lira L.

Wow, what a great job they did! Above and beyond. I will be giving a 5 star review on every platform! Thanks for doing such a thorough job! I passed on your card to my realtor friend. Thanks, again!
Margaret Xanders


When your property needs immediate assistance, we are prepared to arrive quickly with the right equipment and manpower to keep any damage to a minimum. We can arrive within 2-4 hours, depending on the location.


Property-damage events like fires, floods, bio-hazard waste cleanup, and more are not all created equal. It takes knowledge and experience to understand what cleanup techniques and equipment to employ.


We are able to provide cleanup and restoration services to all types of property structures, including houses, apartment units, condos, shopping centers, office buildings, schools, hotels, and much more.