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Storm Damage Repair and Restoration Services

You need storm damage repair when strong winds, rain, and hail have damaged your home and surrounding property. Between damaged roofs and fallen trees, you might be left with too much damage to handle.  We offer a variety of storm damage restoration services that can bring your home back to where it was before the storm damage.

Storm damage tree removal is not an easy task, but we have the best equipment to handle any job. Our heavy machinery removes storm-damaged trees and debris from your property before they cause you further damage and stress.

Need fast protection from the elements after wind and storm damage? We also offer a temporary board up service where we isolate leaks from damaged roofs and broken windows, boarding up where it is necessary. A damaged roof is one of the most common storm damage repairs. Replacing a damaged roof doesn’t have to be a stressful situation, we’re a licensed general contractor, ready to do the necessary work correctly the first time

Contact us for emergency 24-7 storm damage response. Mr. Restore 24-7 is here for you!

Complete Storm Damage Restoration

We have over 16 years of storm damage restoration experience, so we know what’s required of a storm damage repair job done well. If you’re in need of a complete structural rebuild for your wind and storm damaged home, we can help with that as well. Let us handle the issues for you.

After wind and storm damage, the chances of you being without electricity and power are greatly increased. We know the struggle of not having power at your home, and we can help.


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    Fast-Response Storm Damage Repair Process

    Our storm damage repair process will make sure your home and property are full restored as soon as possible. Storm damage restoration isn’t something you should wait on. If you wait to act on a potential storm damage leak then you could end up with even more damage in the long run. When you partner with a seasoned restoration company, you’ll find that fast response is incredibly important.

    The storm damage repair process is:

    • Identify leak
    • Seal off storm-damaged area
    • Identify and mitigate the cause of the problem
    • Remove storm damaged trees and debris

    When dealing with a heavy leak, you’ll first want to seal off the area and respond to what’s causing the leak. Using a storm damage restoration service like Mr. Restore will ensure you have access to the best customer service and machinery to get the job done.

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    Do you have questions about our storm damage repair services? We’d love to hear from you! Call us at 844-353-5663.