Content Cleaning

You are probably wondering what is “content cleaning.” At Mr. Restore, we can pack, remove, store, and clean all of your personal belongings after any disaster. From deodorizing drapes and clothing to disinfecting furniture and dishes, we use a variety of proven professional techniques to meet each job’s needs.

What do we do?

  • Content removal and reset
  • Inventory and storage
  • Odor control and deodorization
  • Soft goods (textiles) and hard goods cleaning
  • Air treatments
  • Ultrasonic treatments
damaged clothing on a bed

You rest, while we restore.

Storage will be provided for the duration of the project and careful measures will be taken to return possession to you in better condition than we received them. We understand the hesitation in trusting others with personal belongings, however, we are able to dry, clean and deodorize the majority of contents that are lost by all appearances. At the completion of construction, we will even return your belongings and place them right where we found them. Our positive attitude and knowledgable team will help you breathe a little easier through such a stressful time.

furniture wrapped in plastic