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Your Clean Up and Repair Process

A note from Michael Reed, Owner:

Not only do I understand the severity of your loss, but my highly experienced and professional team take your loss very seriously as well. My technicians are trained to perform emergency mitigation, as well as to provide a high level of customer service. We believe in building solid relationships with our customers, therefore we have extensive history with all of our technicians, subcontractors, and employees, who I personally trust to perform all construction repairs.

If you experience an emergency, please contact us directly as soon as possible – no matter the time or the day. We’re here for you. The aftermath of a fire, flood or other disaster can be tremendous. We’ll respond immediately to your call, and will schedule a time that is convenient for you or we can help make special arrangements to visit the property.

Take it easy. We’re here to help.


Michael Reed

Owner, Mr. Restore Services, Inc.