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Board Up Services

Mr. Restore board up services secure your home or business after a disaster to prevent further loss from theft or additional damage. It helps to keep you in compliance with different insurance policies that require board up services. When damage invades your home, the last thing you need is further anxiety about your home while it is being restored. Our emergency board up services secure your home or business, remove and store your items, replacing them once your home is cleaned and restored.

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24/7 Emergency Board Up Services

When damage from natural disasters and emergencies occur, having access to 24/7 emergency board up services can make sure your home and business is protected even when it has been damaged and broken. Having a plan to deal with home and business damage can prevent further damage in the future.

Why You Should Use Emergency Board Up Services

  • Prevent Additional Property Damage
  • Comply with Insurance Policies
  • Prevent Vandalism and Theft

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Emergency Board Up After Fire, Storm, or Other Disaster

After a fire, windows may be broken from fire rescue personnel accessing your home or parts of the walls could be missing from the structure because of fire damage. Our board up services will secure your property and structure by temporarily patching holes and covering broken windows to keep vandals and thieves from accessing your home. After your home suffers damage, your insurance agency may also require that you emergency board up after a fire or from a storm.

When damage occurs to your home or business, having our emergency board up service will ensure your home and business gets back to normal more quickly. We can remove and store your belongings before we employ our board up service, cleaning and keeping them in a safe and secure location until your home or business is up, running, and restored again.

Emergency Board Up Services Near You

Our emergency board up service is available near you 24/7 when your structure has undergone damage. In addition to fire and storm damage, our emergency board up services include addressing damage from vehicle impact to a building, tarps for roofs, broken windows from vandalism, and even pre-disaster protection from hurricanes. Who can say when a disaster will damage your home or business? Have access to an emergency board up service with your best interest in mind.

After damage occurs, don’t leave your home unattended. Call us immediately for our board up services. Our technicians are available 24/7 to assess your situation, board up your home, and get you on your way back to a restored home and way of life. Dealing with a damaged structure can be confusing and discouraging. We get it. That’s why we want to help you get back to normal. Because you must board up after fire damage, use our emergency board up service to fix your home or business when it needs the most help.